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Sideways movie

Sideways, the movie, is adapted from Rex Pickett’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same title.

Miles Raymond is the classic self-deprecating, introverted intellectual. Hitting 40, divorced, near bankruptcy, he has all his hopes pinned on getting his first novel published so he can escape the perception that his life is a total failure.

His best friend Jack, Miles’s polar opposite, is a gregarious, upbeat guy, oblivious of the torments that have lain siege to Miles. Jack’s a week away from marriage to a woman of privilege and a life that promises plenitude and happiness.

Inspired by Miles’s passion for wine – and especially Pinot Noir! – the two embark on a weeklong last hurrah to unfashionable Santa Ynez Valley wine country. Murphy’s law ensues: anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Sideways is a bawdy tragicomedy that encompasses every timeless theme known to story and character, and somehow manages to fire it all in the cauldron of riotous humor, with an infusion of soul.

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